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Smart guide to the world of quality services
Airpaw allows you to choose the best offer in a minute from the list of services recommended by local experts. Communicate, plan your purchases, rate companies and get discounts.

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How can you find a good service wherever you are? Airpaw application allows you to search the best offer in a minute. Choose the best restaurants, shops, repair services, auto repair services, cleaning services, hairdressers, laundries, health services, book hotels in any country from the list of services recommended by local experts. Communicate, plan your purchases, rate companies and get discounts.
Why Airpaw
We do not have too much time to search for a good service in scattered sources. We have collected in one place companies' offers that suit you to facilitate the choice as much as possible
Smart search without advertising
Our rating of services is based on authoritative opinion of local community. Communicate directly with a service provider and choose any convenient time for the appointment. Get only verified information about the service.
Your opinion has certain value
Participate in ranking of companies. Share your purchasing records to help other people and your favorite service providers to find each other.
Get discounts
Become an active user of the application to receive discounts from companies you like. Do you like to share your shopping experience with friends? Now it can bring you сonsiderable benefits.
User-friendly interface
With Airpaw you can choose the best service, view recommendations, take notes, communicate with a service provider, plan purchases, track requests, create a report in the same place.
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opportunities with Airpaw
How it works
You can easily find the best car services, barber shops, cleaning services, shops, ski rental services, hotels in any country and rent a transport or equipment (from bike to helicopter) for your personal needs.
Choose a suitable service near you using ratings and reviews of local experts. Use advanced filters to get exactly what is required. Check out the service provider reputation and feed backs, choose the best offers based on other users' experience.
Press the button "Get deal", leave your contact in the pop-up window, description of the task and convenient time for communication. Congratulations, you are an Airpaw app user! You get an email confirmation of account registration, your request is sent to the service provider instantly.
Talk directly with service providers, ask everything that you wanted to know and receive detailed answers. After the service is provided, all the details are registered in a special report of the request. Now you can leave a comment, share with friends, rate the company.
All your previous requests are saved in the history log and you can return to them at any time. Your requests are arranged in order of processing status automatically, you can easily filter them by processing status.
Do parallel requests for several services at one time. Search through history, try to find a best price, service or equipment. The longer is your request history, the better are the next suggestions for you in the list. Be ready to receive personal discounts from companies near you.
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